free office suite – OpenOffice

March 19, 2008

OpenOffice is a complete office suite OpenOffice designed to rival the very expensive Microsoft Office family of programs. With a word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation maker and drawing utility, it might not be as refined as its more expensive counterpart, but it’ll get all your work done with relative ease.

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7 Freeware for college student – AbiWord

March 13, 2008

Word processing is one task which is performed by most computer users. Almost all PCs in the world have been used for word processing. While MS Word is the most commonly used word processor, there are also other free applications that offer comparable performance. AbiWord is a free word processor that offers all the features [...]

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Error 25090 in Word

March 10, 2008

I have OpenOffice as well as Office 2003 installed on my machine. But I made Office 2003 as my default suite for all my word, spreadsheet, and presentation files. Of late I keep getting the error “Error 25090: Office Setup encountered a problem with the Office source  engine….Please open C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\  Office111033\Setup\Setup.chm’ and look [...]

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Accessing frequently needed functions faster in Office 2007

March 2, 2008

As soon as you upgrade to  the latest version of Office, the first thing tht happens is that you feel totally lost regarding where all your most often used functions are located. Here is how we re-enable these in Word  2007. Cllick the ‘Customize Quick Access Toolbar’ button in the title bar of Word and [...]

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