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July 13, 2009

PHONE WITH PUSH INTERNET…..HTC TOUCH DIAMOND2 OFFERS AUGMENTED VIEWING OF E-MAILS AND WEBPAGES HTC Corporation has rolled out the Touch Diamond2 mobile phone with push Internet technology. Features & USP. The push Internet technology of the phone offers augmented viewing of e-mails, webpages, photos and text messages. Users can preselect their favourite websites to get [...]

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Activity Sumulator for windows mobile

September 29, 2008

It is sometimes necessary to keep the device active and functional for long periods of time—while reading a tricky and in-depth document, or using the screen light to look for something. It is irritating if the back- light goes off in the middle of something. Keepalive from http://www.scottandmichelle. net/scott/cestuff.html or

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EzyUnZip on your Windows Mobile device

September 28, 2008

Unzip Utility EzyUnZip from http:ffwww. is a 461KB free download that can handle all the zip files on your Windows Mobile device. The interface has two styles, the soft-key menu for single-handed operation, and the classic menu for use with a stylus. It is possible to view the files in a zip archive without [...]

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CE Screen Capture for Windows Mobile

September 27, 2008

Screen Capture CECapture is a free screen capturing tool. It is a small file, only 54KB and can be downloaded from either or The utility works by placing an ‘E’ key on the task bar. Tapping it at any point will take a screenshot and

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PIM backup on windows mobile

September 23, 2008

Data Backup PIM backup is a free backup software from Contacts, call logs, messages, speed dials, tasks and other files can be backed up. It is possible to backup information from one device and restore it in another. The data is backed up in a .pib file, which is just a .zip file so [...]

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Official pdf viewer for the windows mobile

September 22, 2008

presentation1The official pdf viewer for the windows mobile platform is available for free from acrobat/readerforppc.html. The viewer is a 13 MB download. The reader optimises high quality PDF content for viewing on a Windows mobile device, with both a portrait and a landscape mode available. A full screen mode and a reflow toggle is [...]

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vBar is a task manager for windows mobile devices

September 5, 2008

Task Manager vBar is a task manager for windows mobile devices available as a free download from vbar.htm. The vBar icon locates itself neatly in the title bar, and has two basic options for closing applications—close all, and close all but active. The software itself is very small (21 KB) and has a small [...]

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