World’s first wireless pacemaker gives patient new freedom

August 31, 2009

After relying on a pacemaker for 20 years, Carol Kasyjanski has become the world’s first recipient of a wireless pacemaker that allows her doctor to monitor her health from afar – over the Internet. When Kasyjanski heads to St. Francis Hospital in Rosyln, New York, for a routine check-up, about 90 per cent of the [...]

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February 26, 2009

With Snaptweet we can easily post our latest pictures on Flickr to Twiiter. Steps to post your photos on Flickr Twitter: Inform your Flickr address, in addition to data access Twiiter to Snaptweet.   Twitter Each time you want to publish a photo from Flickr, then send the message you want to display on Twitter [...]

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How to Fit the full URL on printouts

March 4, 2008

Sometimes, you may want to print out a Web page you’ve found, so that you can recommend the site to a friend later. But if the URL of the page is a long one, it’s likely to be truncated in the footer of the printed page. This is because Internet Explorer, by default, uses a [...]

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Displaying active contents like activeX – objects or Java pro without errors

March 3, 2008

While browsing a web site with active contents like activeX – objects or Java programs, images are not displayed or it becomes impossible to sen any form. How do I solve this program? Such  problems can arise when  the web site contains compressed scripts. The Internet Explorer can only partially decompress the script after it [...]

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How to store websites URLs that are protected from curious eyes and can be called up quickly from the website address in the registry

March 2, 2008

The folder for favorite is not the best option as tis is too accessible and shows up very easily. For this we will define a short from of the website address in the registry which will call up the real address. Open the registry editor by going to the Run dialog in the Start Menu [...]

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