Children search for ‘sex’ videos online

August 13, 2009

Children are using the internet to watch Youtube videos, connect with friends on social network sites and look up “sex” and “porn,” according to a study of the top web searches by youngsters. The computer security firm Symantec Corp identified the top 100 searches conducted between February and July through its family safety service Onlinefamily.norton, [...]

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most useful tools and websites for mobile broadband users

December 20, 2008

1.Opera Mini Most mobile phones come with a web browser of some kind, but you may want to ditch it and download this excellent free alternative instead. 2.Google Whether you are using a notebook PC or mobile phone, Google is still the best way to find your way around the web.And with Google Maps in [...]

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how do I make my search more efficient to find the information I am looking for/

March 3, 2008

The Google search engine limits only to the first ten words entered in the search bar. So keep your search phrases as short as possible because Google searches words in the order they are typed, so ‘slow train’  would get you a different result than ‘train slow’. Here ae some tips that you can follow. [...]

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