Google breaks down web browsers for the masses

October 12, 2009

The browser war between Google, Mozilla and Microsoft rages on, but if you’re confused by all this talk of rendering and javascript, help is at hand. Google’s taken the time to go back to basics and explain just exactly what a browser is with a new site and video. Google breaks down web browsers for [...]

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How to Change the Color of the Loading Bar

February 26, 2009

You may, or may not enjoy the default loading bar color for Firefox 3. If you may want to change it, you may do so using the following option: 1. Locate the userChrome.css file in your profile folder (more information may be found here). 2. Add the following code to the userChrome.css file: /* Change [...]

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Will Chrome takeover your desktop?

October 20, 2008

Many experts and analysts say that Google has hidden agenda behind Chrome. It will take over your desktop, encroach your personal browsing behavior, and will gather information about users’ likes and preferences to serve right kind of ads on the page. We spoke to Google and they defended themselves. They said, “At Google, we’re committed [...]

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Surf without a browser

September 19, 2008

Desktop applications are being closely integrated with the web. With Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR) it is possible to surf the web, play videos, and even make Net calls from within the application itself, sans a browser. You’ve probably heard about Web 2.0, a new way for end-users and web developers to use the web. In [...]

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Opera Mobile 9.5 beta released

August 25, 2008

Opera has released the latest version of its mobile browser, s that it adds many new features and will make developing for the platform much easier. Announcing the beta release Opera called the browser, “a powerful foreshadowing of what is to come, this beta takes mobile browsing speed and features to a new level, complete [...]

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Firefox includes Vulnerabilities

March 28, 2008

Mozilla has just published the latest version of the Firefox completed. It has some weaknesses, which are an attacked by malicious code allowed. The download of Mozilla is urgently recommended. The vulnerabilities relate primarily JavaScript, this was due to faulty workmanship alien code. Sun has, thanks to the Mozilla developers a bugfix in the [...]

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