Deaf-blind communication device becomes portable

August 31, 2009

In a new technological breakthrough, a portable device has been developed to enable deaf-blind people to have face-to-face conversations. The DeafBlind Communicator (DBC) consists of a Braille note-taker linked by Bluetooth to a mobile phone, and it allows the user to make phone calls using a text relay service and to communicate by SMS. The [...]

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Intex B133Z-E2110

November 16, 2008

The new B133Z-E2110 from Intex is a good looking light-weight laptop. With its brushed metal finish black body and silver outlines, this laptop scores some points in the looks department. Intex has kept the laptop light weight and portable.

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How to Protect Mobile phones from viruses

March 2, 2008

First switch your phone to Bluetooth hidden mode unless you specifically need it to be visible. This will help prevent other Bluetooth – enabled devices from finding your phone f(unless you grant them the necessary permission) and will therefore help protect your phone from viruses that spread over Bluetooth file transmissions.

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