Intel Magic Concept Multimedia Portable Device is Sexy

October 12, 2009

Smart Design and Intel have designed a very cool multifunctional device, dubbed the Intel Magic. This portable concept device serves as a phone, an MP3 player and it also packs a web browser, plus many multimedia features. There’s also an LCD display on board and a keyboard, as you can see below. The keyboard’s buttons [...]

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New tech to ease 3D viewing

August 28, 2009

Japanese researchers have developed a holographic technology which could help people to enjoy watching 3D TV programmes and films without becoming tired.

Mr Yuji Sakamoto, an associate professor at the Hokkaido University, who leads the group, said he expects the holographic technology to aid development of more sophisticated 3D home theater and video-conference systems.

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iPod Touch – Multimedia player that can also play games

December 7, 2008

Weighing just 115gms,with a sleek, contoured chassis,and a neat interface, the next generation iPod Touch, is surely the most stylish gadget you can possess after an iPhone.Whether you are a gamer or are into social networking, news, sports, or business — the new iPod Touch has something for everyone! Apart from music videos, and photos, [...]

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iPod Shuffle 2GB

December 7, 2008

Apple Inc. has always left its users wonderstruck with its innovations.And, this time,the new iPod Shuffle claims to be the most wearable and smallest iPod ever! Available in four more funky colours of red,blue,green,and pink,it isso tinythat you can simply clip it on to your shirt collar,workout shorts,or even your hair! Like all other Apple [...]

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Genius launches new 30 watts RMS 2.0 Speaker

November 26, 2008

Genius, a brand from KYE Systems Corp., has unveiled its new speaker system, Genius SP-T1200. The 30-watt system offers a connection for headphones, and features treble, bass, and mute controls that use touch to function, rather than a physical button. The latest speaker system incorporates touch-based controls. The speakers are quite compact, making them ideal [...]

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Creative ZEN Mozaic

November 16, 2008

The first time you see the Creative ZEN Mozaic, it looks like a flatter and larger version of ZEN Stone plus similar body and rounded corners. At closer inspection you can see the difference. The ZEN Mozaic has got a matte charcoal finish all over and gray and white accented keys that look great on [...]

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RGB MusicLab 2000/XP/Vista

August 28, 2008

RGB MusicLab converts RGB (Red, Green and Blue) value of an image to chromatic scale sounds. *Msc, MIDI file which is created by RGB MusicLab can be converted to the original image. The program reads RGB value of pixels from the top left to the bottom right of an image. One pixel makes a harmony [...]

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