Google breaks down web browsers for the masses

October 12, 2009

The browser war between Google, Mozilla and Microsoft rages on, but if you’re confused by all this talk of rendering and javascript, help is at hand. Google’s taken the time to go back to basics and explain just exactly what a browser is with a new site and video. Google breaks down web browsers for [...]

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create custom themes for Firefox using Anycolor

April 12, 2009

AnyColor is a Firefox extension that allows us to create custom themes for your browser . you Can easily modify almost all aspects of the interface such as buttons, title bar and so on, all through custom color schemes. The good news is that using AnyColor you can almost completely change the look of Firefox, [...]

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use GreaseMonkey Scripts on Google Chrome

March 1, 2009

Greasemonkey is one of the important and useful add-on of Firefox which enhances internet experience. Google Chrome users are missing it. But not for long, here is the way to install Grease monkey script on Google Chrome. This can be used to run JavaScripts in Chrome. The procedure is as follows : Through Greasemetal : [...]

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How to Change the Color of the Loading Bar

February 26, 2009

You may, or may not enjoy the default loading bar color for Firefox 3. If you may want to change it, you may do so using the following option: 1. Locate the userChrome.css file in your profile folder (more information may be found here). 2. Add the following code to the userChrome.css file: /* Change [...]

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How can I install a Firefox Theme?

January 17, 2009

You can drag the installer into the theme-window (”Tools” –> “Add-ons”). There you can activate or deactivate the theme. Click on this link Install Firefox Theme From Local Disk to install from the local disk. Related Links: 30+ Firefox Themes Firefox Themes in an Overview

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easyComment: comments with one click using firefox plugin

January 3, 2009

easyComment is an extension for Firefox that I use for several days and it is very simple use . The idea is simply to locate the site’s feedback form Or comment form  and fill out the form with one click, that is what is responsible for the extension. Once installed, the options in easyComment fill [...]

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