Samsung Phones Get Voice-Controlled Bing Search

by prashanth on October 12, 2009 · 0 comments

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The new Samsung mobile phones will come with the voice-controlled version of the Bing search engine.

The feature, called Tellme, enables the users for conducting searches by means of the voice recognition software. Spoken commands can be converted into text messages.

The Intrepid handset of Samsung will be the first mobile to come with this feature. This feature is being expected to provide the users with a faster and friendlier search.

Writing on a Bing blog, Microsoft Mobile senior director Dariusz Paczuski stated: “The number of steps it takes to complete your tasks may not be a real problem for when you are sitting at your desk or at home on the couch.

“But what about those times when you are carrying that bag of groceries in one arm and you need to text your spouse that you need them to pick up the kids from soccer practice? Or walking up and down a busy Manhattan sidewalk?”

The Windows Mobile 6.5-powered Intrepid will be launched over Sprint network in US later this month.

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