Now change channels with flick of wrist!

by prashanth on September 11, 2009 · 0 comments

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change-channelsCouch potatoes feeling lazy can now change the channel and dim the lights with a flick of their wrists, thanks to a new technology.

The new device allows users to switch the channel, adjust the volume or contrast with the flick of the wrist.

The technology can even be used to run the entire living room, whether it is dimming the lights or moving an image from the TV to a digital frame on the mantelpiece, according to ‘Daily Mail.’

The wrist band contains a small infra-red camera which links to two beacons that are either built into the TV set or a detachable bar that sits beneath it.

The wand then creates a cursor on the set that is used to swipe through a TV channel menu or access the settings such as sound and colour.

Philips, who have created the device, claims, “Consumers sitting on a sofa simply point the uWand in the appropriate direction, click to make selections and move the uWand to interact with screen menus, and manipulate objects such as photos, as if they were actually touching them.”

The uWand is to be demonstrated at the IBC technology exhibition which starts in Amersterdam.

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