A ”moving newspaper” on flexible screen

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moving news paperWorld’s first flexible electronic screen is set to be launched by a Cambridge-based company.
Scientists at the University of Cambridge’s Cavendish Laboratory have come up with the roll up A4-sized “intelligent plastic” display, which took a decade of development. But Plastic Logic, the company behind the e-version imagery, said that it would not produce a roll-up screen, made from a microchip of cheap plastic.
“People worry that it will break if they roll up a device and dump it in their bag,” Times Online quoted Martin Jackson, the vice-president of technology, as saying.
The Plastic Logic, created to compete with the growing variety of electronic books from companies like Sony and the US-only Amazon Kindle, will see a US launch at the beginning of next year at a predicted price of around 300 dollars.
A British launch may be seen in late 2010 or early 2011.
John Ridding, the chief executive of the Financial Times, which is also working with Plastic Logic, added: “We’re already beginning to see robust demand for newspapers on the Kindle, and before long we’ll see newspapers on a whole spectrum of devices as well as print. The advantage isof this new device is that it won’t break when I drop it, but getting advertisers involved will be key, and they want to see a colour version.”

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