iPhones wither in the heat

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apple-iphonesGreen groups say that humankind’s hankering after technology is one reason for global warming. Now global warming is getting back at technology.
The iPhone, the latest gizmo of techno freaks all over the world, is now withering under the heat wave, reports say.
A devastated owner of a white iPhone 3GS in France found pink ‘scorch marks’ on his handset after he left it in the sunlight for a while.
Apple, which fathered the iPhone and launched the 3GS version last month, has now confessed that it has got several such complaints in recent months.
The IT giant, which cannot stop singing the praises of its own product, warned owners a bit shamefacedly that the iPhone is not some kind of digital superhero which can survive a severe heat wave.
Leaving them in blazing sunshine could cause them to malfunction, the company admitted.
While some iPhones started glowing after being in the sun for a while, others lost their battery power quickly and became faint.
Many iPhone fans who picked up the new stylish white sets found them turning pink in the summer. It could be the digital version of a heat flush.
These complaints even forced a recalcitrant Apple to post a reluctant warning in its website.
The warning says that iPhones should ideally be kept in moderate temperatures. If the iPhone gets too hot, a warning will appear on the screen advising the user to switch it off.
One particular way in which you can harass your iPhone is leaving it in your parked car on a hot day. Some owners who tried to take a call after this treatment found that it was not too pleasant on the ears. “Toasty doesn’t even describe how surprisingly hot it got,” a surprised owner wrote in her blog.
The company spokespersons have not been too forthcoming on the issue. Like iPhones, Apple too turns sour while facing heat

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