Indian, colleague make night camera

by prashanth on August 28, 2009 · 0 comments

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IR-Based-Night-CameraAn Indian researcher along with a colleague has developed a camera that takes photos with an invisible flash of infrared and ultraviolet light that points to a smarter way to take photos in the dark.

Mr Dilip Krishnan and Mr Rob Fergus at the New York University made the camera to do away with intrusive regular flashes.

In order to make their “dark flash” camera, the researchers modified a flashbulb to emit light over a wider range of frequencies and filter out visible light.

They also had to remove the filters which usually prevent a camera’s silicon image sensor detecting IR and UV rays, reported the ‘New Scientist’.

Mr Krishnan and Mr Fergus used colour information from a brief, flash-free photograph of the same scene taken quickly right after the dark flash image to give the pictures more normal hues.

The duo will present their work at the Siggraph conference in New Orleans in August.

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