Genius launches new 30 watts RMS 2.0 Speaker

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Genius, a brand from KYE Systems Corp., has unveiled its new speaker system, Genius SP-T1200. The 30-watt system offers a connection for headphones, and features treble, bass, and mute controls that use touch to function, rather than a physical button. The latest speaker system incorporates touch-based controls. The speakers are quite compact, making them ideal for laptop users and can also be used by desktop users.
This stylish touch speaker delivers a great sound and comes with an adjustable light that illuminates when adjustments are made to the SP-T1200. It also incorporates headphone jack, so that users can also listen to music without disturbing others and the mute button of the speaker can easily turn off the sound when needed.“This new speaker provides a great new experience in sound and it will change the way one controls the functions. It is a new 2.0 speaker system with a touch panel. Touch the volume, bass, or treble, and slide the finger over the slider bar, and one can adjust the level to these functions,” commented Mr. Sandeep Ramani, Country Manager, OBM Sales Division, KYE Systems.
The black onyx cabinet gives a contemporary look to the system. SFT1200 speakers are ideal for gaming or even for listening to music. Moreover, the compact size of the speaker allows the users to carry speakers with them to enjoy music while traveling.
Genius SP-T 1200 will be available in India through its distributors with one year warranty at a Price of Rs. 4,999.

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