Will Chrome takeover your desktop?

by admin on October 20, 2008 · 0 comments

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Many experts and analysts say that Google has hidden agenda behind Chrome. It will take over your desktop, encroach your personal browsing behavior, and will gather information about users’ likes and preferences to serve right kind of ads on the page. We spoke to Google and they defended themselves. They said, “At Google, we’re committed to transparency and choice. Our mission is to make the Web better for our users through product innovation enabling users to access, share and create content quickly on a table and safe platform. Google does not collect additional personal information from users of Google Chrome. For those using Google Chrome, the information shared with Google when, say, you’re using our search engine, is similar to the information that is shared when you’re using a different browser and search on Google. Some features in Google Chrome, such as crash reporting, error pages and (Nav) Suggest do send some additional information to Google, but the information is not personal and those features can be easily turned off.”

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