Yahoo calendar now integrates Zimbra architecture

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Do you use online calendars? If you are not using online calenders, then it is time to try an online calendar. Because Yahoo has recently made many changes to its calender.

This new calendar has many features:

* The entire interface has been renewed. Yahoo calendar now integrates Zimbra architecture as backend which provides cool enhancements to Yahoo Calendar. Zimbra is e-mail startup that Yahoo acquired last year (350 million dollars).

Some of the key features, you will see:

1. You can easily share calendars with your friends now that Yahoo continues to open standards like iCal and CalDAV.
2. Yahoo Calendar integrates Web 2.0 technology that provides cool visual effects. Feel yourself.
3. The new calender is interoperable with other popular services, including timetables for Apple, Microsoft, AOL, Mozilla Thunderbird, Evolution and Google.
4. Subscribe to any public calendar with iCal format.
5. Customize calendar with photos from Flickr and make it more attractive.
6. The color coding lets you manage different calendars.
7. To Do list is also available to monitor the elements of action.

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