Spy for Windows: xp-AntiSpy 3.96.6

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XP anti spyware

Everyone likes freeware because it’s easily available and quite seful too.
Windows has decent security though it is at a basic level. With the release of Windows Vista, security has improved significantly, specially in the networking area. Although the operating system offers various security features, there are some aspects that are overlooked. For instance, updates keep arriving from the Internet even when one has disabled automatic downloads for updates.
xp-AntiSpy takes care of such windows slip-ups. Download xp- antispy 3.96.6 from www.xp-antispy.org

One need not be an expert to use this application. It’s a few kilobytes in size. It includes a list of around 50 Windows functions that one can enable or disable. The settings are categorized according to application areas such as media player,error reports, network, Internet Explorer, and Microsoft Messenger. When you select an option from the list in the main window, a brief explaination of the function appears. However, if you aren’t sure which settings to change, take a look at the ‘Suggested’ section in the ‘Profile’ drop-down menu.

TIP: xp-AntiSpy also offers to tune your computer. It helps you increase the number of parallel network connections. This can be done through the ‘Connection limit’ option which is under the ‘Special’ button on the menu bar. Windows has a limitation of 10 simultaneous connections, but with this application, there is no limit. You will need to increase the number of parallel network connections when using file-sharing protocols such as BitTorrent; with this application one often exceeds the limit of 10 parallel connections.
You can check the current status by opening the Event Viewer. Simply open the ‘Run’ dialogue box from the Start Menu and type ‘eventvwr.msc‘, and then press the [ENTER] key. free Antivirus - AVG

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