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Word processing is one task which is performed by most computer users. Almost all PCs in the world have been used for word processing. While MS Word is the most commonly used word processor, there are also other free applications that offer comparable performance. AbiWord is a free word processor that offers all the features that you would ever require for word processing. In addition, it does not hog system resources.
If you are a user of MS Word, then using AbiWord wouldn’t make you feel out of place. Most of the features you would use in the former are available in AbiWord. It supports common Word file formats such as DOG and RTF in addition to some of its own unique formats such as ABW and ZABW. The ZABW format is some what similar to the DOCX format in MS Word 2007 wherein the document is in a compressed format hence it takes up less space. Abi Word is not as refined as MS Word or Open Office Writer, but it still has advantages over them because of it being a standalone word processor.

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