Error 25090 in Word

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I have OpenOffice as well as Office 2003 installed on my machine. But I made Office 2003 as my default suite for all my word, spreadsheet, and presentation files. Of late I keep getting the error “Error 25090: Office Setup encountered a problem with the Office source  engine….Please open C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\  Office111033\Setup\Setup.chm’ and
look for ‘Office Source Engine’ . Italso launches the Windows Installer and begins installation some additional components for Office. I cannot work on my documents because of this poblem. How can I get Office 2003 to work again?

This sort of a problem usually occurs if someone has installed the Office suite twice on your computer — probably in different user accounts and set it to be used by all users. It can also be that the setup files were not removed after the installation. Usually the user is asked if the setup files should be removed after installation — if not then this error might occur. The solution is quite simple — all you need to do is begin the Office installation once again. You will need your Office installation CD for this. As soon as the installation begins, click on ‘Cancel’. The dialog box will ask you to confirm your action to exit the Setup. Exit it and the Office installation will close.

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