How to Fit the full URL on printouts

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Sometimes, you may want to print out a Web page you’ve found, so that you can recommend the site to a friend later. But if the URL of the page is a long one, it’s likely to be truncated in the footer of the printed page. This is because Internet Explorer, by default, uses a large font and cuts off any URL that doesn’t fit on the same line to accommodate the date.

To print the whole of a URL, every time, click ‘Tools|Internet Options’ and then on the ‘General’ tab, click the ‘Fonts’ button. Then, select a Web page font that is more compact than Times New Roman, for example, Vista’s Counrier New( This font, which is similar to Arial, will also become the default font for Web pages that  don’t specify a font). If that doesn’t print the entire Web address, give URLs a separate line. To do so, pull down the Printer toolbar and select Page Setup Enter ‘&b&u’ in the Header field to devote the full header  to the URL, (aligned to the right). Then, enter ‘&d&b&p’  in the Footer field to print the date on the left and the page  number on the right at the bottom of each page (This procedure eliminates printing  eachpage’s title, represented by ‘&w”. In our view, a Web page’s title takes up space that could be devoted to printing the full URL).
The complete URLmay not be printed in the same line if it is too long.

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