How to allow specific JavaScript to different browsers while surfing

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Many a times important web sites are dependent on JavaScripts even though it’s safe to surf without these scripts in the browser. But continuously adjusting the browser is painful. How do I avoid it?
Specify the web sites, for which the browser can use JavaScript. All the other unknown scripts should be automatically blocked. As thebasic equipment of the surfing program does not provide a corresponding configuration option, use the plug – in ‘No Script’  (you can get it free). You can find it on
INSTALLATION: open the web site in the browser and click on the installation link. Gove the necessary installation permission by clicking on ‘Install now’. To complete the installation, close Firefox  and restart it.
PRESENTING : take care that JavaScript is generally allowed in the browser otherwise  all the scripts are blocked irrespective of the settings in NoScript. You can control this via ‘Tools| Options’. Click on the category ‘ Content and select ‘Enable JavaScript’.
CONFIGURATION: The extentsion ‘NoScript’  immediately blocks all JavaScripts and sends a notification regarding the same at the lower right margin of the window. Besides, a symbol in the status bar of the browser continuously shows you the current settings for the  opened web site. To change this configuration, click on the icon that further shows hidden icons at the  bottom window corner. Now the menu asks you about  all individual scripts and also whether you would want to allow the current domain permanently or only temporarily for the current session. This menu  also facilitates access to other settings on ‘NoScript’. In the ‘General’ tab, you will see the list of authorized domains  and you  can process these manually. Using he ‘Export’ button, save your own configuration in a text file which can be later imported, for example, after re-installation or on a new computer. You can easily reconstruct your script installation in this manner.

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