Displaying active contents like activeX – objects or Java pro without errors

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While browsing a web site with active contents like activeX – objects or Java programs, images are not displayed or it becomes impossible to sen any form. How do I solve this program?
Such  problems can arise when  the web site contains compressed scripts. The Internet Explorer can only partially decompress the script after it has been downloaded. The possible reason for this is there is very little storage space in the folder for temporary internet files as a result of which the computed script does not run correctly. To solve this problem:
•    First update the website completely using the key- combination [Ctrl]+ [F5]. If the problem still persists. Open Internet Explorer and go to ‘Tools| Internet Options’. Next click on ‘Delete files’ in the ‘Temporary Internet files’ tab. Then activate the option ‘Delete all offline contents’ and then click on ‘OK’. Now if you surf your desired web sites, it should show all the active contents correctly.

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